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Part 1: Concept & Design | The Swimwear Brand Planner

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***Digital product***

The FIRST and ONLY fashion brand planner specific to swimwear!

The Swimwear Brand Planner is the perfect resource if you're starting a new swimwear brand, or you're making a new collection. The process is broken down step-by-step, making having a successful brand accessible to anyone!

Think of this planner as a cross between an e-book and a planner or workbook. It's PACKED with information, and there's guided activities for you to fill out. 

Later on in the series there will be more traditional planner features like calendars and monthly spreads.

What's Included in Part 1:

  • Monitoring & Predicting Trends
  • Trend Analysis Worksheet
  • Mood Boarding
  • Finding Design Inspiration
  • Taking Concept to Design
  • The Designer’s Summary on Swimwear Fabrics
  • Notions & Other Considerations
  • Size Range: How Your Designs Are Affected
  • Learning Fashion Illustration
  • What You Need: Design Tool Kit
  • Swimwear Croquis

This planner is only available in English (US) at this time