Ally Top Written Instructions

The Ally top is a great basic. It has a knot tie in the middle and it fits like a dream!


- 1/2 yard swimwear fabric

- 4 yards swimwear elastic

- Ally Top pattern

- Seam ripper

- Loop turner or safety pin

Step 1

Cut your pieces. You'll cut a total of 2 the front piece and 2 of the back piece. If you're using a different lining and outer fabric, cut one in each for the front and back. This pattern does not include seam allowance so be sure to leave 1/4".

You're also going to cut two straps according to the strap measurements included in the pattern.

Step 2

Match your front pieces together with right sides together. Do the same with the back pieces. Pin all along every open edge, excluding the sides and the strap openings. So for the front you'll sew the neckline, armholes, and bottom edge. For the back you'll sew the top edge and the bottom edge.

Also at this step you will attach your elastic. If you have an elastic foot you can sew the fabric and the elastic in one step, but if you don't have an elastic foot you may choose to break up the process to 2 steps, first sewing the fabric together and then going back and attaching elastic.

Sew using an overlock stitch!

Step 3

Next, sew your straps. To do this, fold your strap pieces in half "hot dog style" and sew all along the open edge. Attach elastic as well, then use a loop turner or safety pin to turn your straps to the right side.

Step 4

With the front piece still inside out, take each of your straps and insert them into the strap openings. Pin them down, then sew across to secure the straps inside.

Step 5

Take your front piece to the right side. Now it's time to tie the knot! When tying, ensure that your right sides are facing out. You won't be able to re-tie after you move on from this step, so make sure you like how it looks.

Step 6

Now take your back piece and mark where you want the straps to go. Using a seam ripper, seam rip where you want your straps going. You're also going to use your seam ripper and seam rip a 1" hole in the middle of the back, where the clothing label would usually go.

Step 7

Keep your back piece inside out and your front piece right side out. Insert the front piece inside of the back piece, making sure right sides are together. Pin the side seams together, and sew across all four layers of fabric to secure each of the sides. This will attach the front and back pieces together! Before sewing the side seams, ensure everything is enclosed inside the back piece, including the loose straps.

Step 8

Now that the side seams are sewn, take the piece all the way back to the right side through the 1" hole we seam ripped in Step 6. We are now going to insert the straps into the back piece. Straighten out the straps to ensure they're not twisted, then find the strap openings and insert each strap where you want it to go. At this time the whole top is still on the right side.

To sew the straps down, find the 1" hole, an reach inside the hole to find the strap inside the strap opening. Sew it down from the inside. Do this with both straps.

Step 9

The final step is finishing off the 1" hole with an invisible stitch or top stitch.

Final result

That completes the top! Happy sewing!