Orders, Downloads, & Payments

I didn't receive my order download, where can i find it?

You should receive a separate email with your order downloads, usually within a few minutes of completing your purchase. In the rare case that you do not receive the email, here's what to do:

1. In some cases, your payment is still pending and the order did not go through. If you didn't receive an order confirmation email, this is the cause. Double check your billing information and try ordering again.

2. Check your spam, junk, and promotions folders. If you're using Gmail, the promotions folder is separate from your regular inbox.

3. Avoid using a school or work email, as some organizations filter messages that include attachments.

4. Wait a few minutes. If you don't see the email and you've exhausted all other options, send us an email at hello@edgewaterave.com. Our customer service department answers emails Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 CST, so if you email over the weekend we will get back to you on Monday.

i am unable to download a file i previously bought

We are currently transitioning our download system, so previous files may not be accessible. To get your file re-issued, please email customer service with your order number. hello@edgewaterave.com

my bank shows i was charged, but i never received an order confirmation

The order did not actually go through. If you check with your bank, you will see that the charges are pending. These charges will clear off usually within 1-2 business days. Our payment processor, Stripe, creates pending charges in order to verify your banking details. However, if your card is declined then you will not receive an order confirmation and these charges will clear off.

The most common reasons this happens are (1) faulty billing address or zip code and (2) insufficient funds

I paid through paypal and have not received my order

For some international orders made through PayPal, PayPal verifies your account by sending a PayPal e-check. E-checks take 7-14 days to process, and thus the order is not fulfilled until the check clears.

If you paid through e-check and would like to cancel the order and place one with instant download, please email us at hello@edgewaterave.com

how long do i have access to my download?

You will indefinitely have access to your downloads.

We recently switched systems, so if you encounter an error opening a previous purchase, please contact us and include your order number and/or email address the order was made through.

If you lost your download link, contact us with the email address the order was made through, and we will get a new link issued to you.

Pattern & Printing Questions

my pattern is not printing correctly

Though our printing instructions included on the pattern usually helps customers resolve printing issues, there is one common issue that causes some printers to print our patterns incorrectly.

If your pattern has a mix of portrait and landscape pages, then some printers will automatically scale the landscape pages. To prevent this from happening, print the portrait pages first, then go back and print the landscape pages separately.

i am in a country that uses a4 paper- can i still use your patterns?

Yes! Though our patterns are designed for Letter paper, our A4 customers can print using the same directions. The borders get slightly cut off, but this does not affect the pattern itself.

In the future, we want to provide separate versions of our patterns specially made for our international babes with A4 paper and metric measurements.

do you have plus size patterns available?

At this time we do not have plus size patterns available, but it is one of our top priorities to change that.

We are in the early stages of learning how to grade plus size patterns, but we hope to begin launching them in 2020. It is a very important priority for our patterns to be made more size-inclusive, but at the same time we want to make sure we are learning the sizing correctly and ensuring that the quality is up to the highest standards.

are your patterns ok for larger cup sizes?

Generally, we do not recommend our patterns for larger cup sizes without proper modification. If you have experience modifying for your bust size, then the best patterns to try would be the Georgia top, Jace top, and Ryder top.

Sewing, Materials, and Instructions

do you offer sewing lessons?

At this time, we do not offer sewing lessons.

i can't figure out something sewing-related, what should i do?

We have an amazing Facebook group where members give eachother sewing support and answer questions. This is the fastest way to get the answers you need, so we invite you to join our group.

do you make custom patterns?

Yes, we occasionally accept work for custom patterns. You can learn more by visiting our Custom Patterns page.

how can i request a tutorial/pattern?

We can't meet every request, but we love hearing your suggestions. Please feel free to email us at hello@edgewaterave.com and we will take a look at your request.

are written instructions available?

Some patterns include written instructions, which are linked in the product descriptions.