Arlo Top Written Directions

The Arlo top is a basic, adjustable, soft cup triangle bikini top. If you prefer to watch the video instructions, you can do so below. If you prefer written instructions, keep reading!


Step 1

If you haven't already, assemble your pattern.

The first thing we'll do is cut all the pieces we need. Cut 2 of the left bust and 2 of the right bust in your fabric. If you're using different lining fabric than outer fabric, for both the left and right bust you'll cut 1 in the lining and 1 in the outer fabric. The pattern includes 1/4" seam allowance, so there is no need to leave additional allowance while cutting.

You're also going to cut your 2 straps as well as your 2 band pieces, according to the measurements listed in the pattern.

Step 2

Take your 2 band pieces and mark the center point with a pin. Do this with both band pieces.

Now take your cup pieces and line them up right sides together along each of the bands.

Pin the cup pieces at the center point you marked on the band. If you'd like, you can pin the rest of the cup to the band, but you will have to stretch slightly while sewing so you may choose to skip this.

Sew each of the cup pieces down to attach them to their respective band. At the end of this step, you should have 2 band pieces with cups attached.

Step 3

Now we're going to attach the separate band/cup pieces into one piece. To do this, match each one with right sides together. First we're going to focus just on sewing the cups. Pin along each of the cup pieces, then sew along the edges, making sure to leave the strap opening untouched.

If you choose to attach elastic to your cup pieces, now is the time to do this.

We won't be sewing the band, so if you've completed this step correctly your band should be unsewn but your cups should be together.

Step 4

Next, get your 2 strap pieces. Fold them in half "hot-dog style" with right sides together, and sew along the open edge. Attach elastic to the straps (optional). Using a loop turner or safety pin, turn the straps so they're facing the right side.

Step 5

Insert each of the straps inside each of the cups, and place them at the strap opening and pin them down. Your cups should still be inside out and your strap pieces should be right sides out. This way, you're sewing right sides together. Sew down each of the strap openings to secure the straps down, then flip the entire top to the right side.

Step 6

Make sure you've flipped your top to the right side, and now we're going to secure the straps to the band while we sew the top half of the band together. First making sure the straps aren't twisted, go to pin down your straps onto the band to mark where you want them to go.

Flip the band open so that it sandwiches the strap. as well as the rest of the top. Readjust your pins, then pin the entire rest of the band down and sew. While you sew the top half of the band, you'll also be securing down the straps. Do this on each side so both your straps are secured and the top halves of the band are complete.

Step 7

Now we're going to finish off the bottom half of the band. First, flip your top back so it is inside out. Then, tuck in everything so that you can sew JUST the band. Make sure right sides are together. Pin along the length of the band, and sew across the entire thing. You should end up with what looks like a long tube.

Be careful while sewing to ensure you won't accidentally catch the rest of the top inside while you're sewing.

After you've sewn the length of the band, on one side you will finish off the open edge.

Step 8

We purposely finished off only one edge, because we're going to take the entire top back to the right side through the other edge we left open.

Once your top is back to the right side, you may tuck in the raw edges of the open edge, then top stitch it down to completely enclose the top and finish!

And that completes the Arlo top!