DIY Sexy Patrick Star Costume


This was by far the most popular Halloween costume I made for 2021!

The instructional video is on TikTok and Instagram @edgewaterave

On this page I'll give you the "star" file I made, and there will be some basic instructions to accompany the video.


Step 1

Print out the following PDF file at 100% scale or "do not scale".


The reason there are two lines- the inner line was my original sketch and the outer has 0.25" seam allowance added. When I made my shorts I was originally going to fold over the raw edges of the star, but when I got started I decided not to. So I cut my stars using the line with seam allowance added, but I didn't actually fold the edges in.

Step 2

Get your purple fabric out and cut 4-6 stars out.

In your green fabric, use the Charlie Bottoms pattern and cut 1 in each pattern piece.

During this step you can also cut 1 in each pattern piece with your lining fabric. It's fine to use the same green fabric for your lining, or whatever you have available.

In total you should have 4-6 stars and 2 in each Charlie Bottoms pattern piece.

Step 3

Before assembling the bottoms, you first will want to sew the stars onto the green fabric.

Take your starts and place them where you'd like them to go. Using pins, affix the stars to the fabric. Where necessary, trim the excess on the stars to the shape of the bottoms. The video shows this more clearly.

Once you've placed your stars, use a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine and sew along every edge of each star. This will affix the star to the green fabric.

Step 4

Now that your stars are attached to the green fabric, you've finished the extra steps needed for this tutorial! Now for the rest of the tutorial you will follow the instructions to make the Charlie Bottoms.

YouTube video:

Written Directions:

additional materials

Here are the other items suggested to complete this costume!