In today’s tutorial, we’ll be making the Hannah top. The Hannah top is a one-shoulder bikini top with an elastic band along the bottom. It has that cute asymmetric style, but it is still secure enough to be worn during active activities and such.

This tutorial will be the basic construction of the Hannah top, but keep an eye out on our YouTube channel, as there will be more videos with other versions and ways to make it!


  • Swimwear fabric
  • Swimwear lining (or regular fabric, like I prefer!)
  • ⅜” elastic
  • 1” (2.5 cm) elastic (I used braided in this tutorial, but I strongly recommend using rubber elastic)
  • Strap adjusters (optional but highly recommended)
  • Wooly nylon thread (optional but highly recommended)
  • Serger and/or regular sewing machine

If you haven’t already seen it, here is the link to the pattern:

Sold out

Below is the link to the video tutorial, but if you prefer written directions then keep reading!

Step 1

First we assemble our pattern, which looks like this. Piece 1 is the front, and Piece 2 is the back.

Step 2

Next we’ll cut our pieces from fabric. Cut each piece in the lining, then each piece in the fabric.

We’re also going to cut our strap and our band in our outside-facing fabric. See the size chart below to estimate the size of strap and band you should cut:

Step 3

Now that we have all our pieces, we can begin assembly! Ignore the straps and band for this part. Match up your lining pieces with lining pieces, and fabric pieces with fabric pieces. You’ll lay them right sides together, and pin at the sides.

Since this top is asymmetric, you will need to flip the front piece in the lining so that the strap is on the opposite side as it is in the fabric. When you pin the sides, quickly test to make sure you flipped it correctly by taking the lining piece to the right side (pins still in), and seeing if you can insert it inside of the pinned fabric piece, matching right sides together. If you’re doing it wrong, your strap openings will be on opposite sides. They should both be on the same side!

Once you’re sure, sew the sides. No need to leave a hole this time, since this particular version of the Hannah top is not reversible.

Step 4

Now take your lining piece and flip it to the right side. Insert it inside of the fabric piece, right sides together. Line it up and pin all along the top edge, both front and back. You’ll sew all along this top edge, except for the strap opening. You’re also going to stop when you get to the back piece, about 3” (7.6 cm) in from the side that’s OPPOSITE from the strap opening on the front side. Leave a small section unsewn, ideally about ½” (1.3 cm). If you forget or if it’s too difficult to make a hole that small, skip that step and just sew all around! We’ll be able to go back and insert our strap anyways.

Once you’ve sewn along the top edge, keep the suit inside out.

Step 5

Get your strap out, and sew it. Simply fold it in half lengthwise and right sides together and sew along the open seam. Then if you’d like, go back and attach elastic.

Once the strap is sewn, use a loop turner to flip it to the right side.

Step 6

With your suit still inside out, take your turned strap and insert it inside of the strap opening. Sew across.

When you’re done, flip the suit to the right side.

Step 7

Next we’ll get the band and elastic attached. Measure out your 1” (2.5 cm) elastic to be 1” (2.5 cm) shorter than your band length on the previous size chart.

Fold the elastic in half “hamburger style”, then sew it in half to create a circular band. Do the same with the band piece.

Step 8

Put the elastic aside, we’re going to divide this into two steps since it can get tricky. For these next steps, it is especially important that you use a thread that can stretch, as bands will stretch to their max when taking on and off.

First you’re going to take your band and align it, right sides together, along the open edge of the bottom. Pin at the seam and at the halfway point of the band, then sew it down. You will be slightly stretching as you sew. In this step, you’re sewing through 3 layers of fabric.

Step 9

Now, go back and attach the 1” (2.5 cm) elastic where we just sewed. In theory, you could have done this at the same time in the previous step, but it could get tricky sewing 3 layers of fabric plus worrying about elastic.


Like last time, pin the elastic at its seam and half way point. Again, you’ll be stretching as you sew. Remember, we’re sewing that same seam we just sewed in the previous step.

Step 10

After the band is fully attached, flip the fabric so that the right side is facing out, and it covers the elastic on the inside of the suit. Be very generous with pins, and pin down the fabric so it evenly lays. Either using a cover stitch or zig zag stitch, finish off the top by securing the band down once more.

And that's it! The band on the bottom makes this top very secure, and it's a top that has quite a bit of coverage. Thank you for choosing to make the Hannah top!