Marley One Piece Written Directions

The Marley One Piece is an asymmetric one piece swimsuit with a cut out in the middle. It has moderate coverage and looks so classy!

If you prefer video instructions, click on the image below to watch the tutorial:


-Marley One Piece PDF Pattern

-1 yard of swimwear fabric

-Swimwear elastic (recommended for the best fit)

-Seam ripper

-Overlock machine OR zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine

Step 1

Assemble your pattern by cutting out the pieces, taping them together, then cutting out the size you would like to make.

Step 2

Cut your pieces. You will cut 2 of each pattern piece.

Since this pattern is asymmetric, be extra careful when cutting and make sure to flip the pattern piece when cutting your second copy. To see this demonstrated, navigate to 1:20 in the video tutorial.

Step 3

Group pieces 1 & 2, and 3 & 4. You should have tops grouped with their matching bottoms. Flip the tops so right sides are facing the bottoms. Align them along the rectangular sections shown. Pin, then sew across each.

This will attach the tops to the bottoms, leaving us with 2 front pieces and 2 back pieces.

Step 4

Match your front pieces and back pieces with right sides together. Pin and sew along the marked areas. If you're using 1/4" elastic, now is the time to sew it into the seams. It is up to you where you put elastic, but we suggest adding it to all the marked areas except for the inner curve.

Step 5

Flip one piece all the way to the right side. Then insert it inside of the other, while it is still inside out.

Move the inside piece so it is aligned with the outside at the strap, the gusset, and the sides.

Pin and sew across all four layers of the strap, gusset, and sides. This will attach the front to the back.

Step 6

Time to take the piece to the right side. To do this, seam rip a 1-2" hole somewhere along an existing seam. We recommend choosing a discrete seam, or one where a tag would usually go.

Step 7

Through this hole, take the entire piece out to the right side.

Step 8

Finish off the hole with a top stitch or an invisible stitch.

That completes the Marley One Piece!

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