Tyler Top Written Directions


-Tyler Top PDF Pattern

-3/4 yard of swimwear fabric

-1/4" Swimwear elastic (recommended for the best fit)

-Seam ripper

-Loop turner

-Overlock machine OR zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine

Step 1

Assemble your pattern by cutting out the pieces, taping them together, then cutting out the size you would like to make.

Step 2

Cut your pieces. If you want to make the top reversible, make sure to have two different fabrics to use. In total you’ll cut 2 of the front piece and 2 of the back piece.

You'll also cut four wrap straps (or two on the fold), and two shoulder straps. The measurements for these are provided inside the pattern.

Step 3

Match up the lining and outer pieces with right sides together. Sew along the following edges and attach elastic.

If you have questions on how to sew with elastic, please see the following YouTube playlist: https://bit.ly/3xk2VIJ

Step 4

You're also going to match the wrap straps with right sides together and sew along the following edges. You may attach elastic if you wish.

For your shoulder straps, match them with right sides together lengthwise and sew the raw edges together. Attach elastic.

Step 5

Take a loop turner and turn each strap to the right side.

Step 6

Next we're going to put the shoulder straps in place.

First, insert the shoulder straps into the front piece while it's still inside out. Sew to secure, using either an overlock, zig zag, or straight stitch.

Step 7

Now we'll prepare the back piece to put the shoulder straps in.

Take your seam ripper and rip two holes where you'd like your shoulder straps to go in. We recommend somewhere 3-4" in from each side.

Step 8

Time to insert the straps into the back piece! First, take both the front piece and back piece to the right side. This is optional but very helpful, in order to make sure the straps line up correctly before you sew them down.

With the front and back piece both right side out, lay them against each other like how they will sit when the top is finished, right sides together. Then insert the shoulder straps into the strap openings we ripped into the back piece. Pin if needed.

Then, making sure the straps stay in place, take the back piece back inside out and sew down the straps from the inside. This will conceal the seams.

Step 9

Now your front and back should be attached by the straps.

Take your front piece inside out and your back piece right side out. Insert the back piece inside of the front piece. Then, align the sides.

Sewing across all four layers, attach the sides together.

Step 10

Get your wrap straps out, again making sure they're right side out. Insert them into the front piece through the wrap strap openings and align them. At this point everything should be tucked inside, just with those wrap straps aligned to the opening/edge. Sew down to secure the wrap straps into the top.

Step 11

Now everything is completely sandwiched inside, so it's time to take it all to the right side!

First, seam rip a 1-2" hole somewhere along an existing seam.

Step 12

Using this hole, take the entire top to the right side.

Step 13

Now all that's left is finishing off the hole. You can either to a top stitch or you can use an invisible stitch.

That completes the Tyler Top!

If you have questions about sewing or construction, our Facebook group is a fantastic resource for new and experienced sewers alike. You can join here: https://facebook.com/groups/edgewaterave

Thanks for following along with this tutorial, happy sewing!