Vega Bottoms Written Directions

Today we’re going to be making the Vega bottoms. They’re fully reversible, super cheeky, and they have a dramatic V shape to them.


If you prefer to watch the video tutorial, you can do so below.

Step 1

Assemble your pattern pieces, making sure you have the front (piece 1), the back (piece 2), and the band (piece 3).

Step 2

Cut your pieces. In your lining fabric, cut 1 of front and 1 of back. Then in your outer (self) fabric, cut 1 of the front, 1 of the back, and 2 of the band.

Step 3

Match your front pieces and back pieces with right sides together. For both, sew the leg holes.

Step 4

Next, take your back piece to the right side. Insert it inside of the front piece while it’s still inside out. Again, make sure right sides are together. Line up the gussets and pin and sew.

Step 5

Take everything back to the right side, and put it to the side. Next, take your two band pieces and match them with right sides together. Pin along the two corners, and using a straight stitch, sew the V on each side. Try to get as close to the edge as possible so that when the band is turned it will lay flat.

Step 6

Flip your band to the right side.

Now grab the rest of your bottoms and starting with the front, pin the corner of the V shape of the band to the very middle of the front, just the top layer. Then pin all along so the band can be secured to the front piece. Right sides should be together, and you should just be sewing 1 layer of the band to 1 layer of the front. Sew the front piece to the band, and repeat these same steps with the back, again just sewing 1 layer of the band to 1 layer of the back.

Step 7

Now our final step will be finishing off the band by attaching the other side to the lining. There are two ways you can do this:

  • If you’re a beginner, we recommend simply flipping over the raw edges and using a cover stitch or a zig zag stitch to secure the band
  • Use the burrito method for a seamless and reversible look.

For option #2, your next step will be stuffing the entire contents of the suit inside the band, and sewing all along. This is shown best in video, so navigate to 5:18 in the YouTube tutorial.

What you will need to do is essentially match the remaining raw edges with right sides together. When you do this, you will be forced to sandwich the rest of the suit inside. Then, as you sew you will be able to sew all around to completely finish off the band.

Step 8

After you’ve finished off the band, you’re left with a tube. In order to get the suit back to the right side, seam rip a hole big enough to take the entire suit back out. Usually this can be under 1”. Through this hole, take the suit to the right side. Then, finish off the hole with a top stitch or invisible stitch.

And that completes the Vega bottoms!