Where to Buy Swimwear Fabric


One of the most common questions we get asked is "Where can I find swimwear fabric?". Typically, if you're asking this question you might be new to sewing swimwear, or maybe completely new to sewing in general.

It can be difficult finding resources for swimwear fabric who don't have high minimums, so this post will cover resources for swimwear fabric for the beginner/hobbyist or the micro business owner, who typically buys in 1-5 yard increments.


Here are some resources that are great for buying 1-5 yards (or more if you want!) at a time:


If you run a swimwear business, you'll want to find a consistent shop you know you can rely on. Plus, it's nice to find a shop that has all the latest trendy fabrics in stock!

Here are some more stores highly recommended by our customers:

-Blue Moon Fabrics

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This is my go-to shop for solid fabrics. They also have a good print selection if you're wanting to mix and match. I highly recommend buying a color card from them, they truly have every shade you'll ever need. Blue Moon also carries specialty swim fabrics like Lurex and popcorn spandex.

-Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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This is my go-to shop for printed fabrics. They have a huge selection of prints and you an even choose what type of fabric to print on- not just swimwear fabric. Plus, they print right here in the USA!

-Spandex House

-The Fabric Fairy


Get access to thousands of fabric shops and find all kinds of fabrics through Etsy. In our opinion, Etsy is the absolute best resource for swimwear fabric since there are so many shops out there. Plus, since there are so many shops available it can be easier to find ones that ship to your country.

Here are some of our favorite Etsy shops:

-Fluky Fabrics

-Alex LA Fabrics

-Shavali Fabric

Facebook "Destashing" Groups

There are countless Facebook groups for what's called fabric "destashing", which means everyday people getting rid of excess fabric they don't plan to use. This is a great way to get discounted fabrics, just make sure you can trust whomever you are buying from.

Here are some groups that destash swimwear fabrics:

-Edgewater Avenue's group, Swimwear Fabric (& More!) Destashing

-Knit Fabric Destash

Like previously mentioned, Etsy is probably the best resource to start out with if you're looking to find swimwear fabric quickly and easily. However, if you find that you're wanting to explore other blends of fabrics, prints, or styles, then it's well worth visiting some online shops or destashing groups.

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