Olivia One Piece Written Directions


First you will need to decide which coverage option you will make, and cut the appropriate pieces. For thong coverage you'll cut Piece 1 & 2, for cheeky coverage you'll cut Pieces 1 & 3, and for moderate coverage you'll use Piece 4 & 5.

Cut 2 in each of your pattern pieces, regardless of which view you're making.

If you'd like yours to be made reversible, pick out two different fabrics and cut one in each pattern piece in each fabric

At this step you'll also be cutting your 2 shoulder straps. Inside the pattern there are exact measurements for the straps.

Step 1

Now we have all our pieces and our straps, and we’re first going to sew things up and attach our elastic.

For the straps you’re going to treat them both the same and fold them in half lengthwise, and sew and attach elastic to the raw edges.

For the front and back pieces, match them with right sides together and sew and attach elastic to each of the following areas marked in the images below.

You will use either an overlock stitch or a zig zag stitch for this, attaching elastic at this step. For more information on how to sew elastic, click here.

Step 2

Take out the loop turner or safety pin and turn each strap to the right side.

Then, take your back piece and with it still inside out, insert each strap into each strap opening.

Then, using a straight stitch on a sewing machine (or an overlock stitch on a serger if you don't have a sewing machine), sew down each strap into place. We encourage you to use a straight stitch for this, because later we’ll go back and be able to trim the excess. This is going to make our strap openings come out a lot cleaner and help us avoid any of the bulkiness that can happen if you don’t trim up the excess.

Once your straps are sewn in, trim the excess.

Step 3 (Optional)

Before we move on, flip your back piece to the right side. The straps should be securely into place. Now using a basting stitch, sew closed both of the sides as well as the gusset.

This is going to make it much easier in the next step, where we'll be attaching the front and back together.

Step 4

With your back piece still right side out, insert it inside of the front piece, which is still inside out. Align the straps into the strap openings, and also align both the sides and the gusset.

Then, use a straight stitch to sew across the straps, the sides, and the gusset. This will fully attach the front and the back together.

Once you've sewn, trim the excess.

Step 5

Now everything is attached and we now need to take the entire suit to the right side and finish it off.

To do this, seam rip a 1-2" hole somewhere along an existing seam. Then, through this hole take the entire suit to the right side.

Your final step is to finish off this hole, you can use either a straight stitch on your machine or an invisible stitch by hand.

That completes the Olivia One Piece!